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Become a Provider Member

Do you think the same way we do?

  • A heart for meeting the need of people falling through the cracks in the health and education systems

  • A desire to operate as a community rather than strictly as an individual provider – developing deep partnerships with organizations who fit with our focus

  • Willing to work outside the counseling and traditional health services box to provide higher quality and more justly distributed services – bringing it in new forms to new places with fresh words – integration, whole person / system

  • An openness to being paid through a variety of means (e.g. direct pay, grants, faith fund, sponsorship)

  • A willingness to incorporate principles of member engagement (honoring the wisdom of the sufferer), durable collaborations with partner organizations, integration of specialties and across divisions

Two Primary Paths
two paths

Affiliate Member

You believe in the mission and would like to be involved from an existing location to receive referrals and be involved selectively.

Selected/Low time involvement, $100 contact bio or $150 full bio annual fee

Core Member

You believe in the mission and wants to be actively a part of a community that meets weekly virtually and live monthly.

Higher time involvement – 1 hr/week average, no annual fee

Practical Benefits of becoming a Member

  • Receiving and providing Spiritual Direction for personal growth and accountability

  • Sharing / discounted office space

  • Receiving support for challenging clients / situations / business development

  • Developing collaboratively produced workshops and groups

  • Joining a suite of supportive organizations (non-profits, mission based organizations, faith based organizations)

  • Developing new personal capacities with colleagues and in piloting tools and projects

  • Access to a supplement fund for clients in need

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